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Arby`s Restaurant
Address: 1895 Auburn Ravine Road
Phone: (530)885-5924
Olde Towne Sandwich Shoppe
Address: 2325 Honolulu Avenue
Phone: (818)957-3722
Wendy`s Restaurant
Address: 101 East Foothill Boulevard Suite 1
Phone: (909)392-9997
Mcdonald`s Restaurant
Address: 191 South Lovekin Boulevard
Phone: (760)922-5938
Taco Bell
West Covina
Address: 1424 South Azusa Avenue
Phone: (626)918-6650
Jack in the Box
Address: 1105 North Main Street
Phone: (209)239-9525
Mission Bay Marine Deli
San Diego
Address: 1548 Quivira Way
Phone: (619)223-5056
Good Time George`s
Address: 8621 Arminda Circle
Phone: (619)449-2084
McDonalds Restaurant
San Jose
Address: 5925 Almaden Expressway
Phone: (408)927-6295
Eddie`s Liquor
Buena Park
Address: 6501 Lincoln Avenue
Phone: (714)761-0825
Address: 531 S State Highway 49
Phone: (209)223-4239
Mcdonald`s Restaurants
San Francisco
Address: 730 Stanyan Street
Phone: (415)668-4445
Kentucky Fried Chicken
West Covina
Address: 555 South Glendora Avenue
Phone: (626)338-6922
El Pollo Loco
Address: 621 North Azusa Avenue
Phone: (626)339-7337
Mcdonald`s Restaurants
Address: 1103 South Cloverdale Boulevard
Phone: (707)894-4588
Address: 5100 Telegraph Road
Phone: (805)644-4440
Kentucky Fried Chicken - Foster City
San Mateo
Address: 1088 Shell Boulevard
Phone: (650)345-3552
Burger King
Address: 2162 Railroad Avenue
Phone: (925)432-2297
Quizno`s Subs
Mammoth Lakes
Address: 436 Old Mammth Road
Phone: (760)924-8885
Jack in the Box Family Restaurants
Address: 1650 North Livermore Avenue
Phone: (925)371-2950
Subway Sandwich Shop
San Rafael
Address: 55 Bellam Boulevard Suite E
Phone: (415)453-3333
Hawatmeh Service Center
Address: 1195 West Foothill Boulevard
Phone: (626)334-2477
Punjab Palace And Pizza Company
El Sobrante
Address: 3550 San Pablo Dam Road Suite H
Phone: (510)758-4985
Christy`s Deli
Address: 1559 Spinnaker Drive Suite 105
Phone: (805)642-3116
Subway Sandwiches
Long Beach
Address: 321 East Willow Street
Phone: (562)279-0244
Roseville Tortilla Factory & Delicatessen
Address: 313 Riverside Avenue
Phone: (916)783-3311
NETO Sausage CO Inc
Santa Clara
Address: 3499 The Alameda
Phone: (408)296-0818
Taco Bell
Palo Alto
Address: 910 East Charleston Road
Phone: (650)424-8052
Valley Village
Address: 4802 Laurel Canyon Boulevard
Phone: (818)506-5116
Lana`s Sandwiches
Address: 435 19th Street
Phone: (510)839-7295
Corta Boba Pizza
San Francisco
Address: 219 Jones St
Phone: (415)441-4969
Mcdonald`s Restaurant
Address: 2770 Carson Street
Phone: (562)627-0238
Mcdonald`s Restaurants
Address: Herndon Avenue & Mrk
Phone: (559)438-8485
Address: 1540 West Foothill Boulevard
Phone: (909)946-8368
Schlotzsky`s Deli
La Mesa
Address: 5500 Grossmont Center Drive Suite 219
Phone: (619)469-0082
Super Taqueria Garita
Address: 1600 Sacramento Ave # 5
Phone: (916)372-2013
Pavilions - Rolling Hills Estate- Grocery
Los Angeles
Address: 7 Peninsula Centre
Phone: (310)377-1994
Taco Bell
Apple Valley
Address: 20185 USHighway 18
Phone: (760)242-3388
Subway Sandwiches & Salads
Santa Maria
Address: 4854 South Bradley Road Suite E
Phone: (805)938-9976
Taco Bell
Address: 18100 Parthenia Street
Phone: (818)772-0413
Mcdonald`s Restaurants
San Rafael
Address: 5830 Northgate Mall
Phone: (415)491-1748
Taco Bell
Address: 5145 North Cedar Avenue
Phone: (559)228-1016
Subway Sandwiches
San Diego
Address: 13293 Black Mountain Road
Phone: (858)538-3774
McDonalds Restaurant 20563
Rio Vista
Address: 300 State Highway 12
Phone: (707)374-4430
Burger King
San Jose
Address: 1181 Oakland Road
Phone: (408)287-3332
Mcdonald`s Hamburgers
Address: 8030 Fruitridge Road
Phone: (916)386-1779
Subway Sandwiches
Address: 1386 East Florida Avenue
Phone: (951)652-5199
Arby`s Store 5962
Garden Grove
Address: 12022 Knott Street
Phone: (714)230-8438
Kentucky Fried Chicken Take-home
San Jose
Address: 4162 Monterey Hwy
Phone: (408)578-7331
Pizza Man
San Dimas
Address: 165 North Monte Vista Avenue
Phone: (909)971-7271
Address: 1789 North Victory Place
Phone: (818)841-7030
Graciana Mexican Deli
San Fernando
Address: 2006 Glenoaks Boulevard
Phone: (818)365-0635
Farmer Boys Restaurant
Address: 6600 North Irwindale Avenue
Phone: (626)815-8899
Taco Bell
Address: 4041 Manzanita Avenue
Phone: (916)481-3370
Indiana Market & Deli
Address: 6733 Indiana Avenue
Phone: (951)686-8847
Chateau Gourmet
Palm Desert
Address: 41555 Cook
Phone: (760)346-8151
Jack-In-The-Box Drive-Thru No 570
Address: 1923 Douglas Boulevard
Phone: (916)782-8003
Pacific Star Deli - Orders
San Diego
Address: 1255 Imperial Avenue Suite 100
Phone: (619)231-6345
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Los Angeles
Address: 11864 Wilmington Avenue
Phone: (323)567-6674
Subway Sandwiches
Address: 2006 Winchester Boulevard
Phone: (408)370-9003
Jack-In-The-Box Family Restaurants
San Clemente
Address: 2398 South El Camino Real
Phone: (949)498-7530
Mariscos Moni
Address: 4820 W Century Blvd
Phone: (310)419-3067
Mc Donalds
Sand City
Address: 990 Playa Ave
Phone: (831)392-0311
Mcdonald`s Encinitas Town Center
Address: 1064 North El Camino Real
Phone: (760)943-9498
Its in the Sauce BBQ Sandwich Shop
Address: 1661 Pacific Avenue
Phone: (805)483-9110
Mr Pizza Man
San Francisco
Address: 3409 Geary Blvd
Phone: (415)387-3131
Sir JAX Deli Meats Catering
Temple City
Address: 10689 Lower Azusa Road
Phone: (626)444-7230
Burger King 5853
Los Angeles
Address: 1301 Glendale Boulevard
Phone: (213)413-8655
Deli Pub
San Francisco
Address: 301 Cortland Avenue
Phone: (415)285-1631
Donahoo`s Golden Chicken
Address: 1074 North Garey Av
Phone: (909)622-3213
City Deli
San Francisco
Address: 2200 Jerrold Avenue
Phone: (415)648-8770
Wendy`s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
San Jose
Address: 990 Saratoga Avenue
Phone: (408)243-5339
Quiznos Sub
La Verne
Address: 2220 Foothill Boulevard
Phone: (909)596-9332
Jack in the Box
Address: 1370 East Main Street
Phone: (760)256-3167
Del Taco
La Verne
Address: 1398 Foothill Boulevard
Phone: (909)596-9406
Burger King
Address: 227 South Tremont Street
Phone: (760)439-5207
San Gabriel
Address: 6910 Rosemead Boulevard
Phone: (626)285-6205
Taco Bell - National City
National City
Address: 1737 SWeetwater Road
Phone: (619)336-1917
Mcdonald`s Restaurant
Address: 20315 Avalon Boulevard
Phone: (310)329-6085
Subway Sandwiches and Salads
Lake Isabella
Address: 5520 Lake Isabella Boulevard
Phone: (760)379-4681
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